Recycling of multilayer packaging – Views and tips from a raw material supplier

The debate about sustainable packaging is heating up. What are the best choices? Which concepts are the most sustainable and why? In many cases the obvious choice turns out to be more harmful to the environment than the less obvious choice.

As supplier of raw materials for multilayer barrier packaging, but also additives for reccyling of (mixed) plastic waste, we have a quite good view of possibilities to deal with packaging waste in a sustainable waste.

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Circularity of multilayer films: novel recycling technologies vs design for recycling


The circularity of multilayer films has been a challenge to recyclers and film manufacturers. Different solutions are proposed, each of which has its pros and cons. Design for recycling is a good candidate to close the loop in the packaging value chain. However, comparing to modern recycling technologies, a question will arise : novel recycling technologies vs design for recycling, which one is more sustainable. Within our expertise in TNO, we have conducted extensive research on recycling of multilayer packaging using dissolution as well as novel mechanical recycling methods.

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Challenges of PET Trays Recycling

Marnix van Gurp

by Marnix van Gurp, Managing Director, Brightlands Materials Center

Although PET bottles are already reasonably well recycled, the recycling rates for PET trays are virtually zero. Among a number of different reasons why this is the case, the design of the trays plays an important role. The waste fraction of PET trays contains a considerable amount of other polymers than PET, in particular due to the lidding films which consist in many cases of multimaterial laminates.

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Recycling of multilayer packaging film. The ultimate challenge?

wouter van den berg

by Wouter van den Berg, Yparex BV

The plastics industry is looking for ways to reduce waste by increasing the amount of recycled content in their products. And none more so than the producers of multilayer barrier packaging. Yparex BV has developed a wide range of solutions for recyclers and film manufacturers alike to upgrade multi-material film waste into high quality regranulate that allows it to be used again and again in (multilayer) film. This gives the packaging film players the opportunity to reduce waste, and thereby costs, in their process.

The presentation will show a multitude of examples of how Yparex™ compatibilizers can add value to your recycle streams and give you a better quality recyclate.

This facilitates the industry to show that flexible plastic packaging is and will be the most efficient and sustainable solution to package sensitive food stuffs and reduce the wasting of food.

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