Towards Mono-PE packaging solutions

by Fons Schreurs, SABIC Limburg B.V.

Not so long ago, development of (flexible) packaging has been mainly focused on down gauging of materials while retaining maximum performance. This resulted in advanced multi-material laminates which we all know very well. With a new focus on recyclability, new solutions for mono-material are very much needed. The packaging value chain is very advanced in combining production speed, efficient material usage and packaging functionality and design. This makes the shift towards mono-materials not without challenges.

In this presentation SABIC’s journey in the development of mono material packaging is presented. In the presentation examples of machine direction oriented polyethylene and biaxial oriented polyethylene packages are compared and discussed in terms of mechanical properties and applicability in the value chain.

Mono-PE solutions for packaging will enable better and more pure waste streams enabling new recycling solutions in the future.


About Fons Schreurs

Fons Schreurs, Master in Chemical Engineering from the University of Twente in 2012. I joined SABIC in 2012 as research engineer to work on Polyethylene Material development. In 2018 I joined a newly formed application team focused on flexible packaging. By using the globally available material portfolio of SABIC, we support customers but also value chain partners in new innovations for flexible packaging.


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