Packaging sustainability in three tracks

karen van der stadt

by Karen van de Stadt, Packaging Expert, Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging

How to design your packaging now and in the future? What boundaries are in place at the moment and which possibilities are there in the future? Looking at the publication ‘The state of sustainable packaging’ and the innovation tracks that the KIDV describes in there, what can you do with your packaging to move forward.


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Advancing sustainability in designing new PP grades for packaging

Emanuele Burgin

by Emanuele Burgin, LyondellBasell

Designing for sustainability begins with the material choice. New PP grades are developed to meet the EU Plastic strategy and its recyclability & recycling targets by 2025 and 2030, as well as to enlarge the mechanical recycled PP-based application portfolio beyond the traditional low value, black, inj molding markets, so to make recycling sustainable even in bad times.

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Towards Mono-PE packaging solutions

Fons Schreurs

by Fons Schreurs, SABIC Limburg B.V.

Not so long ago, development of (flexible) packaging has been mainly focused on down gauging of materials while retaining maximum performance. This resulted in advanced multi-material laminates which we all know very well. With a new focus on recyclability, new solutions for mono-material are very much needed. The packaging value chain is very advanced in combining production speed, efficient material usage and packaging functionality and design. This makes the shift towards mono-materials not without challenges.

In this presentation SABIC’s journey in the development of mono material packaging is presented. In the presentation examples of machine direction oriented polyethylene and biaxial oriented polyethylene packages are compared and discussed in terms of mechanical properties and applicability in the value chain.

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Recycling of multilayer packaging film. The ultimate challenge?

wouter van den berg

by Wouter van den Berg, Yparex BV

The plastics industry is looking for ways to reduce waste by increasing the amount of recycled content in their products. And none more so than the producers of multilayer barrier packaging. Yparex BV has developed a wide range of solutions for recyclers and film manufacturers alike to upgrade multi-material film waste into high quality regranulate that allows it to be used again and again in (multilayer) film. This gives the packaging film players the opportunity to reduce waste, and thereby costs, in their process.

The presentation will show a multitude of examples of how Yparex™ compatibilizers can add value to your recycle streams and give you a better quality recyclate.

This facilitates the industry to show that flexible plastic packaging is and will be the most efficient and sustainable solution to package sensitive food stuffs and reduce the wasting of food.

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Brightlands Chemelot Campus is Strategic Partner of Design 4 Sustainability Conference

strategic partner

Design 4 Sustainability Conference welcomes Brightlands Chemelot Campus as Strategic Partner

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a world-leading innovation location in smart materials and sustainable manufacturing and home to a vibrant and fast-growing open community of groundbreaking companies and knowledge institutes.

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