Milad GolkaramMilad Golkaram, Polymer scientist - Circular economy, TNO, on 'Circularity of multilayer films: novel recycling technologies vs design for recycling'
Pouya SamaniPouya Samani, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University, on 'Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and sustainability'
If you are interested to give a presentation / paper at the Packaging Design 4 Sustainability Conference, please contact us via this page. Make sure to select the right conference on this page.

The Hybrid Packaging Design 4 Sustainability Conference covers all aspects enabling a circular economy by applying design methods on material, product and value chain level.
This has strong implications on:

Material design

  • Decrease material usage
  • Improve sortability with current sorting technology
  • Biodegradability, yes or no

Article / Product Design

  • Design for dismantling
  • Decrease material usage or number of components
  • Use of digital techniques for design

Value Chain Design

  • Changing perception of waste versus valuable material
  • How to organize and incentivize the value chain so that sustainable activity is encouraged
  • Innovation in ‘waste’ collection methods
  • Innovation in ‘waste’ sorting methods

During the Design 4 Sustainability Conference the (inter)national speakers will present their view and experience in this application area. Besides the conference, partners will demo their solutions at the exhibit.

Who should attend:

  • R&D and management of
    • Producers of plastics
    • Producers of chemical raw materials
    • Converters
    • Design companies / agencies
    • Brand-owners
    • Retailers
    • Actors in plastic waste management including waste collectors, suppliers of sorted plastic waste, plastic recyclers, users of recycled plastics
  • Governmental bodies
  • Regulatory institutions
  • Investors
  • Start-Ups

This conference is part of the Sustainable Materials Series