Call for Speakers

Do you have an interesting and enthusiastic presentation on one of the topics of the Packaging Design 4 Sustainability Conference?

Share your knowledge with a wide, though targeted group of interested professionals!

Please take into account the following issues for your presentation:

  • The content should make a bridge between technology/research and deployment including the potential business case (if relevant);
  • The maturity of the concept;
  • Which problem(s) do you solve?;
  • Technological advancements with respect to the developments of the current market;
  • Cooperations in terms of technology, business, deployment;
  • The market and application potential;
  • No sales pitches.

A speaker time time slot is 20-25 minutes. We always have a short Q+A session after each presentation. We advise you not to use too many slides. We ask speakers permission to share and publish their presentation in PDF on a password protected page on the conference website after the conference has taken place.

We will communicate about the conference and its speakers in the following ways: Website, News, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Regularly we will send newsletters as well. 

Contact us if you would like to give a presentation by filling in this form.

If you are interested to present at one of our other conferences since your knowledge doesn’t fit to this conference, look at our website to find other options to speak.